We develop platforms and apps for anti-social networking, bringing social networking back under your control.  Our platforms protect your privacy and our apps make your privacy central to your online world.

Our current projects include:
  • Maven: A smart notification platform.  Your mobile devices know a lot about you and many have lots of sensors.  Maven aggregates this information to generate realtime context, which it uses to filter customisable data feeds and then tell you about what it thinks you need to know under current circumstances.  Maven helps you make decisions and plan ahead.  Maven is highly customisable but with a simple, intuitive interface. It can be used as supplied or configured with one of our packages.

  • Commute: The first Maven package.  Commute notifies you about issues relating to your daily commute or other journeys.  It tells you about traffic problems, weather problems, local news or events and anything else that might affect your commute. It gives you the information you need to decide whether to drive, take the train, stay a little later at work, take an umbrella with you...  The package includes the feeds and rules it needs to generate notifications for your personal commute and templates to help you customise the package.

  • I Will Not: A cloud- and (anti-)social networking-based mobile service for organising and conducting peaceful protests and civil disobedience.  This service will protect your privacy from authorities while you protest