We are a software development and consulting company based in the North East of England specialising in projects related to privacy and cyber-security.

Our current projects include:
  • I Will Not: a highly customisable mobile app for peacful protesters, helping to protect their data, their bodies and their friends from surveillance and unwarrented police action. The app will also help to protect data and passwords at border crossings, when stopped and searched by police officers or if a device is stolen.


  • Safe.ER: a smart and highly customisable personal safety app and panic alarm. Protect yourself from danger without compromising your privacy. The app makes full use of your devices' communication and sensing capabilities to contextualise dangerous situations and mobilise the right sort of help.


  • Maven: a smart, AI-driven feed aggrogator that works with your desktop and mobile apps to help you navigate through life. Maven provides the context your apps need for effective decision making in a complex world. Streamline your day, optimise your commute, be prepared for the unexpected.


We offer consultancy and corporate training in cyber-security and privacy issues as well as software and systems design. We take an integrated systems approach to assessing threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Understanding systems, how they are used, the people who use, manage and develop them and the customers who rely on them is crucial to the robust, long-term security of systems in a rapidy changing world.


You can browse our free training videos here and download trial versions of our mobile apps here.  If you want to hire us to assess your security, train your security people or help develop your privacy policies, this is the place to click.

And if you'd like to talk informally about privacy or security, we're usually availabe to chat here.